Squad Membership

The SQUAD Membership was created for those looking to take their health and fitness to the next level. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced weight lifter, looking to lose weight, gain weight, or just improve your health and well being, this membership has something for you. Check out some of the features that are only available to SQUAD Members below!

  • Exclusive videos from Bradley that are only posted here! 
  • Detailed workout plan updated monthly. 
  • Men's and women's training plan tools (viewed as eBooks). 
  • Men's and women's meal plan tools (viewed as eBooks). 
  • Detailed Macros Tool eBook. 

The goal of this membership is to give you information to help you learn how to make progress in the gym and have fun doing it! Sign up now to gain access!

*Payments will be on a recurring monthly basis until cancellation.